Why “To Do” does not “Get Done”

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Like most people out there who like to stay organized and focused, I also rely on personal productivity systems. The core of most productivity systems is the age old idea of making to do lists and following up religiously on it. I have tried quite a few methods and of late the transition from to do to done has not been very smooth.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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Every time I pick up this book for a read, I end up going through it with the same enthusiasm I felt when I read it for the first time. Despite being a recurring book in my bookshelf for more than a dozen years, this book retains a freshness. The kind of freshness one feels when plunging into reading a new, interesting book. I am not a big fan of philosophical books. Dreary arguments are not the reason I pick it up to read.

There is more to it.

Partly Cloudy

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A delightful short movie from Pixar.

A delightful short movie from Pixar.

Partly Cloudy is a delightful interpretation of the clouds and storks story of where do babies come from…