The Trench Perspective is a repository of the collective thoughts of a group of designers and developers based in Bangalore. It is aimed to capture some of the details of what goes on in the trenches in the middle of hectic projects, meetings, deadlines and schedules.

We could write a lot of high sounding, corporatese, gobbledygook here, but in the trenches, there is no use or time for doing that. Who wants to talk when the idea is to throw oneself into the fray, grabbing whatever is handy to meet the relentless assault of ever tightening deadlines?

So, we stick to action. Sometimes frenzied, sometimes beyond frenzy into the zombie zone, sometimes laidback and dare we say, downright lethargic. It is during these times that we decide to post something here on …well, just about anything …anything under the sun.

Maybe even something lame like this…What happens in the trench, stays in the trench…err…or something like that.

You know, this place is about putting up whatever we fancy. Anything at all.

Including this.