Sharing YouTube videos and keeping it to the point

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So you’ve seen a YouTube video with a couple of interesting bits in it that you want to share with your friends or colleagues. There’s just one problem that you see here: The video is an hour long and the interesting bits that you want to share come up around half an hour down from when the video starts.

Question: How do you share a YouTube video and have it start from where you’d like it to?
Answer: Use YouTube’s Share feature along with the ‘Start at’ property.

YouTube Share

If you know the exact start time, then just type it into the text box and it’ll automatically get included in the share URL.

If not, just move the video’s playhead to where you want it to start from and this text box will automatically get updated with that time. Then all you have to do is copy and share the ‘…’ URL.

When your friends view the video through this URL, it’ll start from exactly where you set it to start from.

Here’s a 7:58 minutes long StarWars video, but it’ll play from 6:25 minute where dear DarthVader reveals to Luke the secret of his origin. :)

Sharing only the video bits.
Okay being able to set a starting point in the YouTube video is cool, but what if you also want to Stop the videos where you want them at?

In that case we have to turn away from YouTube to alternatives like – Splicd

The website allows you to easily define a start and stop point in a YouTube video and throws out a URL you can share with others. This also allows you to embed the video in your blogs etc.

Here’s Batman singing the Blues, where I’ve set the start and stop using Splicd. Have fun watching! ;)


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Thanks Jai.

This is very handy to cut to the chase of long videos. Kinda like making excerpts of interesting videos.

I was using TubeChop ( to do this earlier.

Batman singing the blues was a blast! :)

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