The Prometheus Movie Viral Videos

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Posters for the movie, Prometheus

A team of scientists and explorers make a journey to a distant world, where they discover and awaken a dormant alien race. This is old territory, a first-contact story which has been the subject of a lot of movies before. However, Ridley Scott’s space based thriller will be a welcome change from the current crop of comic book flicks.

I am intrigued by the three cleverly made promotional viral videos (embedded below) for this much anticipated movie.The promos have an in-game movie sequence quality to them. The kind where a small part of the bigger story is revealed when a level up is earned.

Happy Birthday David

Michael Fassbender as David the android.

Peter Weyland TED Talk

Guy Pearce as millionaire Peter Weyland.

Quiet Eye

Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw.

Will the movie live up to the clever promotional pieces? Will it be just another empty shell with spectacular special effects and 3D overkill? I am not expecting it to be as ground breaking as Alien (1979). Giger’s design genius will be missing and the chain of events will be predictable for the modern audience. I am expecting to see flawless, glossed up visuals with a bit of clever story telling, leading to the inevitable stream of sequels and prequels.

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