Play Pong in Dreamweaver

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Play Pong in Dreamweaver!

Play Pong in Dreamweaver!

Want to play a quick game of Pong in Dreamweaver?

  1. Save your work and close all files.
  2. Restart Dreamweaver.
  3. Create a new HTML file.
  4. Type any text in the document in Design View.
  5. Select some text.
  6. In the properties panel locate the color value box.
  7. Type “dreamweaver” (without quotes) in the color value box and press Enter.
  8. Pong should begin (with sound!). Use the mouse to move the bat.
  9. It is Game Over, if you miss. A sound comes from internal speakers.
  10. Sometimes, Dreamweaver hangs when the game ends.

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