Quick Gun Murugun da… Mind It!

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Quick Gun Murugun (Dr. Rajendra Prasad),  what do I say about this daring South Indian Cowbhai movie?

It has everything.. action.. camedy.. sangs..and lats and lats of balls.. sorry bullets I say!

Our hero is yeverything that yany decent south indian school-dropout would dream of becoming. His bullets speak when his words fail him. His words of wisdom and love for the locket lady brings tears of joy and fills the heart with warmth of passion.

Rice plate Reddy (Nazar) is the arch villain wanting to dominate the world with non-veg dosas from his evil McDosa corporateion. Helping him in this evil endeavour are such stalwart cohorts like Gunpowder, MBA Rowdy and Dr. DJango.  He’s unstoppable.. that is until Quick Gun Murugun steps into the scene.

Our heroes quest to stop RPR brings him across the scintilating and wannabe Miss India.. Miss Mango Dolly. What may her hobbies be one wonder’s?
I will tell you what they are. They are Cooking and Secretly loving QGM!

The movie has a love triangle and a mother (anni) angle and a trip to heaven on a modified motocart to boot!  I will keep my silents on our heroes re-entry on earth.

All in All..I can canfidently say that ..Yany Yindian who has drunk tha cow’s milk will go watch this movie I say!

PS: It’s worth watching once , but leave your thinking/critical cap outside the theatre. Mind it. ;-)

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This was bound to happen, I say!

I used to wait to watch the hilarious spoofs that used to come in channel [V].

Part 1 : Villain (Modalla Sambaar, apparama nee!)
part 2 : Vamp (Kadavulle En Thalaividhi..)
part 3 : Vendetta (Air la ye parandu parandu adippenda!)

Now they have gone and made it into a full movie!
Looks like the gags are not lost in translation.

hey i agree with the write-up. It’s definately a movie where you need to leave the brains at home or else will find it ridiculous. Felt that it was liitle stretched as the concept could stand strong only for a short time.

The one I liked best was…

“The whole universe is my native place”

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