Cache (Hidden)

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Cache (Hidden)

Cache (Hidden)

I have not seen anything like this movie before. It is an exercise in frustration. It is however an interesting, tense and positive kind of frustration. This type of orchestrated frustration is worth examining.

On the surface, the story is about a famous TV personality (a writer and book reviewer). He receives tapes which show recordings of his house. This recording is very direct, like a security camera recording. Is it a joke? Is it the handiwork of a stalker? The sinister, relentless arrival of tapes with seemingly childish violent drawings creates a tension and frustration between the husband and wife. The images and tapes bring to the surface long suppressed memories and lures the main character into a deeper trap. All the events culminate in a moment of tragedy which is unexpected and shocking.

This story is interesting, but not exactly the main force of the movie. The interesting aspect is the sheer ruthlessness and coldness of the story teller, the director. He offers no explanations. No easy storyline with defined positions for the viewer to hang on to. He is simply like the tormentor in the movie as far as the audience is concerned. The frustration and helplessness felt by the family is similar to the one felt by the viewer. The movie shows something and hides something else.

The viewer begins to pay attention, interpret things and watch out for things on the screen. The tension created by the unfolding movie drives the viewer in the same way it drives its main character.

The curiosity generated and the ambiguity of the movie are balanced masterfully. The director is teasing, or is he? In the hands of lesser craftsmen, this treatment will fall flat, however, here it stays on for days and months after viewing the movie. A questioning begins of the visuals we see. Are there things hidden in all visuals? Is the very nature of visuals ambiguous? Don’t we always bring to bear so many things to what we see, which are not visible, in the form of interpretations?

This brief description itself is actually an attempt to reveal the hidden! It is one of the many attempts I make to look beyond the visible in the movie into the realm it shows by hiding. This is a good movie for people who wish to focus on the silence in speech, the untold in the telling and the hidden in the revealed. You will love it, if you like the process of reading between the lines!

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