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Vim Power

Vim Power

It is an enriching experience to tap into Vim, the venerable editor with more than three decades of history behind it. My Vimfu is nowhere near the levels of the masters out there. Vimfu Mastery is a process. There is a lot this editor has to offer. People tell me they find new features and uses even after years of using it.

Fortunately, much help is available and the requirements are only a keyboard and the right attitude. Here I have put together some of the resources I have bumped into. This is by no means comprehensive. It is just a small learning map of that I have been using. I will be updating it as I continue my quest to improve my Vimfu skills.

Vim Online
Story of Vim
Seven Habits
Color Schemes
A Byte of Vim
Wikibooks Learning the vi Editor/Vim
Vim Tips Wiki
The Vim Editor for Beginners
The Vi Lovers Home Page
Why oh WHY, do those…
The Vim Graphical Cheatsheet
Efficient Editing with Vim
Mailing Lists –
IRC Channels – freenode ,, #vim and IRCNET, #vim
Google archive
Vim Webring
Pixelbeat Vim Tips
Vim Like a Pro
Vim Basics
Learn vi/vim in 50 lines and 15 minutes
15 Best Vim Plugins
Vim Plugins you should know about
Comfortable PHP Editing in Vim
Coding Domain Vim
JSTAP Vim page
HuYi’s Vim page
Daily Vim
Jano’s Vim Macro Page
vi Complete Key Binding List
Vi-Improved IRC Tutorial
Kent’s Vim Page
An Intro to Vim Video Tutorial
Vim Fu

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